NATURA 2000 Ostoja Nadgoplańska (Goplo Sanctuary)

Apart from Goplo Millennium Landscape Park, there is also Natura 2000 site within the town limits of Kruszwica. It is an EU-wide ecological network of nature protection areas established as a part of  the EU nature and biodiversity policy. Its main aim is to assure the long-term survival of Europe’s most threatened habitats, bird and animal species by introducing protective actions and promoting pro-nature human activities.
Goplo Sanctuary, or Ostoja Nadgoplanska (code PLB040004) was established by the Minister of Environment directive on the areas of bird protection on 21st March 2004. It spreads over Lake Goplo and its surroundings, including Skulsk lakes. The area is an important sanctuary for waterfowl and marsh birds because of their numerous breeding grounds. It is also a place of rest for the migratory birds. In the area of Ostoja Nadgoplanska, there are at least 24 bird species listed in the Appendix 1 to the Birds Directive as well as some other protected animals and a lot of rare and endangered plants.



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