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Kruszwica in Numbers

Kruszwica in Numbers

The Commune of  Kruszwica is currently inhabited by 19,866 people (as of 30 June 2011).
Including: Urban area - 9 083 people
              Rural  - 10 783 people
              Femal – 10,121 (rural area – 5,373, urban area – 4,748)
              Male – 9,745 (rural area – 5,410, urban area – 4,335)

The area of the Commune is approximately 263km2, including 7km2 of the urban area of Kruszwica. Over 80% of the area is used agriculturally and about 67km2are in the scenic and reserve protection area.

Lake Gopło is the biggest lake in the Wielkopolsko-Kujawskie Lake District and the 9th largest lake in Poland. It has approximate water surface area of 2154ha. Its maximum depth is 16.6 m and breadth - 2.5 km. The shoreline of the lake stretches 87.5 km.

Brak nadchodzących wydarzeń.