Gopło Lake - is one of the most well known natural water reservoirs in Poland. It is the larges lake of tha Kuyavian-Greater Poland Lakeland and the ninth largest lake in Poland. Gopło is a shallow, post-glacial flow lake, situated in so-called the Gopło rutter. The town and commune location over Gopło creates the great opportunities for active relax and practicing water sports. There are many rowing competitions, for example: the Academic Polish Championship, Central Regatta of the JuniorSeason Opening and Polish Junior Championship. Some sailing events are organized too, for example: the Sailing Regatta "Polish Cup-Omega class".

Gopło Millennium Park - is located within the area of the commune. It was created in 1967. This landscape-ornithological park is really unique in the national scale. It covers the area comprises of arable lands, meadows, forests, swamps, wasteland and the Gopło Lake itself. Almost 770 species of plants (for example: Meadow Buttercup, Marsh Helleborine, Regged Robin and White Lotus), 25 species of fish (for example: eel, pike-perch, silver bream and silver carp) and 11 species of amphibions have been identified in the park, area so far. The lands of Gopło are the habitat of many mammals. You can meet here wild boars, dears, badgers, ermines, weasets, otters and musk-rats. Gopło and its surroundings are also a place where some highly endangered species (as described in the Red Book of Animals) can be found.