Name and Coat of Arms

Many of local names of places stem from salt or its commercial form, which looks like a cylindrical lump, called ‘krusza’ in Polish. Kruszwica belongs to this group of names. On account of the fact that ores of salt used to be very expensive and became symbols of wealth, the name Kruszwica surely reflected the prosperity and significance of the town.

In the 15th century, when the rulers of Kruszwica were choosing the coat of arms of the town, the Cuiavian salt mining collapsed on the benefit of żupy krakowskie, the Royal Salt Mines in Wieliczka and Bochnia. For that reason, a pear tree, which was another Old Polish symbol of wealth, was placed on the shield of the coat of arms.

According to the § 13 of the Kruszwica Commune Statute (Statutu Gminy Kruszwica) of 28 February 2003 – the coat of arms of the Commune of Kruszwica is the image of a green pear tree on a silver background. The coat of arms may be used by the Commune authorities and organizational units. If given the consent to use the coat of arms, a natural or a legal person may also use it.